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Women account for nearly half of the world’s farmers and grow much of our food —and yet their access to and control over productive land in many low and middle-income countries remains highly limited. At the same time, securing women’s land rights is linked to overwhelmingly positive social and economic outcomes for women’s households and for women themselves.

While all LEGEND outputs include gender-sensitive analysis of issues, certain outputs focused specifically on how gender interacts with land governance and land-based investment.

LEGEND Land Policy Bulletin 3

A global push for gender equality in land rights

Policy Papers & Briefs

February, 2016


This LEGEND bulletin focuses on gender in land governance, presenting highlights from recent research and taking stock of new initiatives.

LEGEND Land Policy Bulletin 10

Policy Papers & Briefs

May, 2018


This LEGEND bulletin explores early experiences and emerging lessons from four of these projects, and includes testimony from community members attesting to their positive results.

Evidence update 2: Gender, land and agricultural development in Africa

Reports & Research

October, 2016


This Evidence update builds on and nuances the conclusions drawn in DFID’s Topic Guide on Women’s Empowerment in a Changing Agricultural and Rural Context (Murray, 2015).