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Advocacy coalition support


08/15 - 09/19


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The Coalition Support Programme (CSP) aims to contribute to more accountable governance and to more progressive policy processes and impacts in Vietnam. CSP operates by identifying, fostering and supporting issue-based coalitions for effective advocacy within thepolicy making process. #Coalitions# in this context means multi-stakeholder cooperation among Vietnamese NGOs (VNGOs), state agencies at different levels, media, universities and research institutes, and the private sector. CSP expected to deliver the following outcomes: Improve policies, policy making and monitoring processes via (1) Functioning coalitions ready to act on issues of public concern through effective multi-stakeholder involvement in policy processes, and (2) Strengthening engagement of non-governmental organisations at national and sub-national levels to promote public participation and accountability in law-making and oversight agendaof the National Assembly. Six coalitions have been supported through the implementation phase (phase 1, from 2013 to 2015) on Mining, Forest Land (Forland), Land Policy (Landa), Clean Water, Health, and Agriculture. The coalitions joined CSP on a rolling basis over the first year of the implementation phase: Mining and Forland began in March 2013; Landa in June 2013; Clean Water in September2013; and Health and Agriculture in January 2014. In addition to policy processes advocated by each of the six coalitions,CSP identified key cross-cutting policy opportunities affecting the operating environment for coalition members. In 2015, CSP contributed to5 cross-cutting processes. In total, the six coalitions and CSP have contributed to 43 policy processes during the last three years(with some processes extending over more than one year). From January 2016, CSP decides to support 4 coalitions, including Mining Coalition, Forland, Clean Water Coalition, and Agriculture Coalition base on the result of end-term review.

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