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Community / Land projects / Afrikagrupperna, CSO strategy 2022-2026 - Afrikagrupperna 2022-2026, CSO strategi

Afrikagrupperna, CSO strategy 2022-2026 - Afrikagrupperna 2022-2026, CSO strategi


02/22 - 10/27


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Afrikagrupperna are applying for a five-year grant of a total of SEK 244.1 million, of which SEK 226.4 million is applied for from the CSO strategy. The main objective of the operation is: "Fair power structures and a fair distribution of resources." Together with about 30 partner organizations in southern Africa, Afrikagrupperna work to ensure that people have access to their rights. The organization focuses on three thematic areas: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Food and Land Rights and Natural Resources, Business and Human Rights. Afrikagrupperna have a long experience of cooperating with civil society organizations, with human rights in focus, which have a broad focus and competence: women's rights and youth organizations, organizations active in sexual and reproductive rights, advocacy work in judicial reform, etc. For the past five years or so, Afrikagrupperna have been collaborating with regional movements and networks, which are not organized in the traditional way, which shows the Afrikagrupperna's ability to adapt to new conditions in the regional context. Sida's assessment is that Afrikagrupperna have a well-integrated gender equality perspective internally and in dissemination. Afrikagrupperna have the capacity for preventive measures for SEAH (Sexual Exploitation, Abuse & Harassment) and a system for dealing with cases that arise. Afrikagrupperna apply a feminist power perspective in their work, which means that they clearly include marginalized groups in the activities. Sida believes that this perspective will contribute to a positive effect from a gender equality perspective. Afrikagrupperna state that men should be included in the activities. Sida believes that Afrikagrupperna apply the principles of development efficiency well in their operations. They support their partners in their own right and the majority of partners receive core support based on long-term agreements. Afrikagrupperna´s context and problem analysis is based on a regional perspective.

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