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Community / Land projects / ALTIF: Accessing Land for Tourism Investment Activity

ALTIF: Accessing Land for Tourism Investment Activity


01/22 - 01/27


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Solomon Islands Threshold - Land Management For Investments Projects - ALTIF: Accessing Land for Tourism Investment Activity: the Access Land for Tourism Investment Facilitation Activity (ALTIF) will address the land access and investment facilitation issues to help the country grow its tourism sector. The ALTIF Activity seeks to achieve this objective by building government capacity to identify investable land and facilitate investment in the sector. The Activity aims to increase tourism investment in Solomon Islands, which is expected to deliver jobs and productivity gains, increased local purchases, and foreign exchange benefits. The sub-activities are: (a) Improve Access to Land and Establish Social License to Operate for the Tourism Investor ("Land Sub-Activity"): The objective of the Land Sub-Activity is to identify registered land parcels that have a high potential to attract outside tourism investment to Solomon Islands and to support the process by which an investor obtains access to that land via a long-term lease and establishes Social License to operate with the neighboring community, which is necessary for long term land tenure security. Grant funding shall support: (i) identifying land with high potential for tourism investment by employing a tourism investment viability screening process; (ii) educating and supporting investors and communities on Social License issues; (iii) facilitating and assisting investors, landowners, and communities to establish and maintain Social License; and (iv) as needed, assisting communities to formalize rights to land near targeted investment sites. (b) Increasing Tourism Investment through Investment Facilitation ("Investment Facilitation Sub-Activity"): The objective of the Investment Facilitation Sub-Activity is simplifying the investment process to facilitate tourism investment through InvestSolomons, a division of the Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration ("MCILI"). This approach shall provide investors definitive information about land parcels available for tourism investment and assistance in navigating the investment process. InvestSolomons shall facilitate and coordinate the completion of all Government tasks and decisions required for the investor to realize the investment in a timely manner. (c) Facilitated Governance Reform ("ALTIF FGR Sub-Activity"): The objective of the ALTIF FGR Sub-Activity is to provide a governance structure for the ALTIF Project that facilitates building capabilities and implementing the reforms that are identified by the Land Sub-Activity and Investment Facilitation Sub-Activity. Using a facilitated governance reform ("FGR") methodology, such as problem driven iterative adaptation ("PDIA")or similar approach, this Sub-Activity aims to build local ownership and identify and solve problems. Grant funding shall support a task force (the "Tourism Investment Task Force") to oversee implementation of the ALTIF Project; establish working level teams to advance initiatives and problem solving; and provide coaching to the Tourism Investment Task Force and the working level reform teams.

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