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Community / Land projects / ASSOCIACAO JOINT [ASCUT]



01/16 - 12/18


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ASCUT: ASCUT is a network of civil society organization and intergovernmental organizations working together to promote secure and lobbying for pro-poor land policies and laws. The alliance has been in existence since 2014 and has working to a number of local policies, laws and administrative systems over land for poor women and men through advocacy, dialogue, knowledge sharing and capacity building. ASCUT is hosted on JOINT, League of NGOs in Mozambique. JOINT connect and strengthen the institutions of civil society in order to improve collective action for the common good as well as the dialogue with the Government and Private Sector. Operational strategies [National level]: Partner with national-level responsibility to strengthen the link between activists and the academe, as well as in a direct and positive mode of engagement with government and other intergovernmental agencies. Also organize dialogues with relevant stakeholders, sharing policy positions on land rights and coordinating support for activities on improving tenure security and capacity development on land issues and policies. It is also responsible on pressuring and influencing the parliament [Land Commission] land issues and policies. Geographical location of interventions of counterpartner: National / Central level General terms the interventions strategies that will be applied: Research and influence activities # CSOs increasingly participate in or initiate influencing and advocacy efforts on access to land farmers especially women

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