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Community / Land projects / Char Development and Settlement Project (Bridging)

Char Development and Settlement Project (Bridging)


07/19 - 06/24


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The Netherlands has supported the development of newly accreted land and the settlement of these lands since 1994 through the successive phases of the Char Development and Settlement Project (CDSP phases I to IV). The aim of this project is to provide secure land titles to poor and vulnerable households and support agricultural production. The most recent phase of this project (CDSP IV) was funded by IFAD, GoB and a grant from the Netherlands. This phase of the project is the bridging phase between CDSP IV and V. CDSP has since its start in the 1990s aimed to reach the poor and disadvantaged segments of the population in the project areas. Before the start of its activities in a project area the living standards of the vast majority of the population in the project area were below the poverty line, and most households are landless, or small and marginal farmers. CDSP applies specific criteria for selecting beneficiaries of land settlement and land titling, social forestry and agricultural development to ensure it benefits the most disadvantaged and vulnerable households. Gender is an important dimension all Project activities.


The overall development objective of CDSP-B is to reduce poverty and hunger for poor people living on newly accreted coastal chars, which would be achieved via improved and more secure livelihoods. A first specific objective of the Project will be to consolidate the achievements of the earlier CDSP phases I to IV. The Project will continue support for CDSP I, II, III, & IV areas with operation and maintenance activities and land settlement. A second specific objective of the Project is the preparation of future investments in char development in the South Eastern delta. For future investments substantial preparatory work is required.

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