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Climate Innovation Centre Kenya - 3GF


05/14 - 12/14


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Green growth in Africa The African region holds enormous green growth potential. Low carbon strategies, increased financing, policies and frameworks promoting sustainability as well as new mind-sets and lifestyles create new opportunities for an African transition to a green economy. A green transition will meet many of the current challenges such as land degradation and unstainable use of natural resources. It will improve access to energy, make clean and safe water management more efficient and promote sustainable use of natural capital. 3GF Africa Regional Conference On 13-14 May 2015, the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF), UNEP and the Government of Kenya will co-host an African Regional 3GF Conference in Nairobi. By providing a global-regional platform, 3GF will contribute to building consensus on how to turn challenges on sustainable development and climate change into opportunities for green growth and improved livelihoods for all. The conference will address key African green growth visions and aspirations for inclusive green growth, and cover 3GF cross-cutting themes on financing for green growth, cities as drivers of green growth and creation of the right framework conditions for sustainable lifestyles. Through these themes tendencies such as increasing urbanisation rates, the growing middle class and needs for investment funds for green growth will be discussed. African specific issues such as green industrial development and access to energy/energy efficiency and energy- water-food connections will be explored.

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