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Climate Smart Land Management and Services


07/22 - 07/26


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In response to the Climate Smart Jobs (CSJ) Programme Component 4: Climate Smart Land Management and Services, Mercy Corps and partners propose the Restoring Ecological Vitality In Vulnerable Ecosystems (REVIVE) programme, which will support both smallholder farmers vulnerable to climate change and key market system actors to adopt more sustainable land management approaches, increasing productivity and incomes and reducing environmental risks for entire communities. The ultimate aim is to support the flow of finance, skills and knowledge to allow small and medium farmer communities to become the stewards of their own ecosystems: to ensure commercial viability and to design incentives that will work to restore and protect at the ecosystem watershed or landscape levels. REVIVE will also engage the customer base for CSLMS to incentivise the level of demand necessary to scale these products and services and enable extra finance through carbon trading when feasible. By facilitating investments into entrepreneurial farmers, our approach will enable farmers to invest in additional sustainable land management activities to improve their ecosystem management and thus realise quicker financial returns.

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