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Community / Land projects / CO-R2F Program Facilitation & Cap Bldg.

CO-R2F Program Facilitation & Cap Bldg.


01/16 - 12/18


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This poject falls under the thematic areas Right to Food# through our work: In order to achieve our long term outcome, Oxfam Noviband SOMO distinguish three pathways for change. The first pathway focuses on the strengthening of civil society organisations, enabling them to increase their access to and influence on local, regional and global governments, institutions and the private sector and to build public and private support for more equitable governance of natural resources and resilient livelihoods. Where governance is poor or non-existent Oxfam Novib and SOMO will support CSOs to investigate, raise the issues, set (international) agendas, and engage with and convene relevant stakeholders to improve governance, policies and practice. For ournational level advocacy to be effective, we need support and facilitation of influential regional and global institutions and stakeholders, such as frontrunner companies, investors and sector initiatives. Therefore the second pathway focuses on engagementwith (potential) champions from the public and private spheres, with whom we prepare and make the case for policies, practices and alternative business models that address the interests of food producers and rural communities, particularly women, and theimplementation thereof. In cases where we cannot secure enough support or leverage, a third pathway provides us with an alternative # or complementary # route. By exerting critical pressure from public and media on key public or private decision makers,we are able to push for improved policies and practice on a range of local to global issues, varying from land reform and decent incomes to a more ambitious climate agenda. The impact that we are seeking with #Right to Food# is for women, men and children living in poverty to realise their right to food. Within this Theory of Change, this project in Mozambique has set the following objectives: The long term outcome is for small-scale food producers and agricultural workers, particularly women andtheir communities, to benefit from local, national and global public and private sector policies that protect and promote their prosperity and resilience. To achieve this long term outcome in Mozambique, Oxfam work together with the following partners: [1] AenA (National Association of Rural Extension) [2] Ajuda Mútua Rural ORAM / Nampula [Association for Rural Mutual Assistance] [3] ASCUT

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