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Community / Land projects / Conservation of the tiger in buffer zone of Melghat Tiger Reserve

Conservation of the tiger in buffer zone of Melghat Tiger Reserve


09/16 - 09/18


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The purpose of this project is to conserve tigers in the buffer zone outside the protected area. The project objectives are as follows: (1) Monitor tigers in the project area by camera trap sampling, provide these results to the Forest Department, and support the Forest Department in line transect monitoring for prey species; (2) Strengthen wildlife protection, prevention of wildlife crime and improved law enforcement by building the capacity of Forest Department field staff with the assistance of expert trainers; (3) Reduce the pressures on forests for firewood and fodder, prevent and control forest fires, implement sustainable utilization practices and address community issues related to wildlife conservation, initiate a dialogue with the community to control livestock grazing on forest land and implement sustainable forest management practices, and mitigate human-wildlife conflict; and (4) Develop livelihood options for the local community, such as providing market links for bamboo products, and other non-timber forest products (NTFP) that utilize the forest in sustainable ways as opposed to overexploitation.

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