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Community / Land projects / Diakonia EU-Peru 2021-2024

Diakonia EU-Peru 2021-2024


08/21 - 06/25


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Diakonia has applied for funding of 2 725 000 SEK to carry out the EU project "Compromisos multilaterales entre empresas y agentes comunitario hacia el fortalecimiento de un marco de derechos, institucionalidad y sostenibilidad en Ica y Cotabambas" during the period 2021-2024. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the development of multilateral commitments between companies and community agents towards the strengthening of a framework of rights, institutions, and sustainability to reduce, prevent and remedy negative impacts of agro-export and mining activities on territories and populations involved in this sector in the provinces of Ica and Cotabambas. The specific objective of the project is to develop capacities and empower men and women from social organizations in multi-stakeholder spaces for local development in the provinces of Ica and Cotabambas; for the incorporation of sustainable land management practices, due diligence mechanisms and a gender approach in agro-export and mining business activities. In this project Diakonia will collaborate with three organizations: COOPERACCION, CODEHICA, PERU EQUIDAD. Diakonia is the lead applicant and has the main responsibility to implement and coordinate the project. The current contribution has the EU-commission reference number: EuropeAid/166151/DH/ACT/Multi. The contribution has a total budget of 1 250 000 EUR which is approximately 12 721 933,79 SEK. Diakonia has been provided 1000 000 EUR from the EU-commission and is applying for 2 725 000 SEK (approximately 20%) from Sida.

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