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Community / Land projects / EC VN Budget Transparency

EC VN Budget Transparency


04/16 - 03/17


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Specific objective: #Empowered CSOs, CBOs and communities in Hoa Binh and Quang Tri provinces are able to effectively influence thepublic budget process of poverty reduction and development programmes (including on health issues) with wider national impacts on relevant laws and decrees#. 4 results: R1- Poor people, ethnic minorities and women at local level have increased awareness of the budget process and are able to exert influence on this process of poverty reduction and development programmes (including on health issues) R2- The budget transparency coalition is expanded to include multiple stakeholders and strengthened to promote and advocate for budget transparency, accountability and participation at local and national levels, including in relevant laws and decrees at national level R3- Targeted People#s Councils from commune to provincial levels are more effective in the oversight of the budget process, promoting budget transparency, accountability and people#s participation R4- Targeted People#s Committees from commune to provincial levels open spaces for civil society#s meaningful engagement in public budget formulation and budget monitoring of poverty reduction and development programmes (including on health issues) ACDC has experience working for the rights of marginalised groups (including the rural poor, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities), and has specifically focused on influencing policies, and conducting participatory research and community consultations (responsible for developing provincial level consultations for the draft revised Budget Law in 2014 and Land Law in 2013). As an organisation well established in Hoa Binh Province, and with deep understanding of issues facing marginalised communities, ACDC will be responsible for the coordination of activities in Hoa Binh. As a member of the coalition, ACDC also coordinates national level work, providing legal expertise for policy advocacy and inclusive budgets.

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