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Community / Land projects / Economic Justice campaigning in Africa

Economic Justice campaigning in Africa


04/12 - 12/15


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The OI PAP EJ lead post provides added value to the EJ Food Justice in a Resource Constrained world / GROW campaign in Africa through different mechanisms. First the position enables Oxfam to maintain strategic partnerships with pan Africa allies and partners (PAFO, PACJA, ACORD, etc.) and to interact with continental targets like the AU and its department of Agriculture and rural developmentand the UN-ECA. The position provides the campaign and advocacy capacity to undertake campaign and advocacy workcomplementary to national and regional campaign work. The pan Africa land grabbing research report and its launch at the AU ministerial on agriculture illustrate this. The position is of strategic importance for internal coordination with Oxfam downwardsto the country programmes andupwards to the OI global machinery. With this post, the pan Africa programme will add value to the changes that countries want to achieve in the field of Economic Justice / GROW by engaging pan African spaces and developing cross regional initiatives. The African Union (AU) through initiatives such as CAADP, the Framework and Guidelines on Land Policies, and the Pastoral Policy Framework is shaping the discourse and creating policy frameworks in these key areas. These frameworks are also influencing country level policies. The OI pan Africa EJ lead post brings in opportunities to influence these frameworks and use them on country level work. Cross regional initiatives such as Female Food Heroes, Land Grabbing Response Toolkits, propositions on land laws to strengthen women’s landrights and common agricultural policy guidelines can strengthen the EJ campaigning across Africa.

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