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eSPACE Cadastre project


12/22 - 12/26


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The project is a three-year intervention (2022-2025) with the overall goal to support development of a modern data management standards and capacity building activities for spatial and urban plans and sustainable planning in Serbia. Support provided within this contribution is expected to lay the foundation for a more efficient, effective, transparent, and participatory governance model. The contribution will be implemented in cooperation between Serbian and Swedish authorities: RGA and Lantmäteriet.


The overall purpose of the eSpace reform is to integrate all national digital registers important for the place-based approach (based on geospatial location and related data) to sustainable development, and to provide access to data and services when, where and how citizens, businesses and public bodies may need them. The expected outcomes of the proposed project are the following: Outcome 1: RGA has developed a strategic action plan, established cooperation with stakeholders at central and local government level, and developed capacity to lead the establishment of the ePlan system. Outcome 2: A Pilot database with verified digitalization tools, methodologies, and pilot data for responding to the INSPIRE Directive obligation and SDGs integration in the area of land use planning and management that is made available for all stakeholders. Outcome 3: A Pilot database with verified digitalisation tools, methodology and pilot data for storing and accessing information on legal regimes for land use planning and development is developed and functional. Outcome 4: Organizational structure for ePlan system implementation is established, all stakeholders (government institutions at central and local level) are informed and aware about ePlan system benefits for participatory and transparent sustainable development.

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