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Community / Land projects / Extractive Industry Governance Cambodia

Extractive Industry Governance Cambodia


09/16 - 03/18


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Highlanders Association (HA) aims to empower indigenous communities in Rattanakiri by enhancing understanding and awareness on the indigenous people rights, skills and tools that enable them to challenge decisions and management of Economic Land Concession and mining companies for the respect of Free, Prior, Informed, Consent (FPIC) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The key activities include: 1/ Train and facilitate IP mining focal points the application of community scorecard on FPIC to generate the understanding of community perception of FPIC application by Angkor Gold. 2/ Produce IEC materials on the promotion of IP communities rights to FPIC 3/ Organize exposure visit to other countries that experience in community organizing and mining advocacy 4/ Organize dialogues, meetings and workshop to raise awareness on IP rights to FPIC 5/ Build and document evidences on failure of company performance on FPIC 6/ Organize and update company information to inform IP communities 7/ Facilitate IP Community representatives to offer community feedbacks on community perceptions on FPIC to Angkor Gold 8/ Support IP related events such as IP day, International Human Rights Day....etc.

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