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Community / Land projects / F.a: Promoting Indigenous Peoples´ Land Rights in Nepal

F.a: Promoting Indigenous Peoples´ Land Rights in Nepal



01/18 - 12/18


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Due to state policies in Nepal the IPs are losing ownership and control of lands that resulted displacement and threat to continue their existence and identity. Non recognition of customary lands , land acquisition, lack of free, prior and informed consent (FPIC), compensation to the affected, displacement, land dispossessions, full disclosure on projects, ignorance of religious, sacred site and pasture lands are some of the crucial issues pertaining to the land rights of IPs in Nepal. Often indigenous peop les and local communities have been confronting with the aforementioned issues in relation to lands caused by the development projects implemented by the government and private sectors. There are hundreds of hydropower development projects operated in the lands of IPs. The project is intended to enhance capacity of the IPs and local communities to defend their rights. Furthermore, this project also contributes in policy reformation with the engagement of the state and non-state actors, particularly private sectors. In the course of implementation of the project indigenous and local communities are supported in raising their human rights issues at the local level to international levels. For that LAHURNIP will organise capacity development activities and supp ort them to file cases to the courts, complaints to the international mechanisms such as the ILO, UN Special Rapporteurs, grievance mechanisms of the World Bank (Inspection Panel, the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman-CAO) and Asian Development Banks to make th e State and private sectors accountable for protecting and respecting human rights of the indigenous and local communities. The project will also contribute to enhance partnership and coordination with the national and international human rights institute s working in the areas of human rights to support in defending the rights of indigenous and local communities. Apart from that the propose project also contribute to initiate facilitated dialogue with the projects and state to resolve dispute in amicable m anners.

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