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Community / Land projects / F.a: Strengthening Indian Forest Communities' Struggles for Forest Commons

F.a: Strengthening Indian Forest Communities' Struggles for Forest Commons


01/14 - 12/16


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#The project will continue and build upon the work of All India Forum of Forest Movements (AIFFM) that was supported by Siemenpuu-Kansalaisliikkeiden yhteistyösäätiö sr during 2013—2014 (12046AAS + 13038AAS). The struggle for reclaiming and defending forest commons will be supported by centering on efforts to establish suitable commons governance institutions at the grassroots, and developing suitable political and organizational strategies at state, national and international levels. The main benefic iaries will be forest dwelling communities organized under various Gram Sabhas. The focus areas will be in the states of West Bengal, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Telangana, where the work will be done in association with AIFFM constituent groups and other local groups.The activities include holding at least three All-India level and five state/sub-national level meetings, formulating political/organizational strategy documents and disseminating them, generating campaign materials, visiting variou s Gram Sabhas to facilitate the work of the movements, and providing financial support and information/knowledge to local movements.The activities will largely focus on increasing the spread of community institutions with a more articulate political focus on commons at various levels. A strong support group will also be created at pan-Indian level. The project will also further strengthen AIFFM as a network of diverse forest movements.Bajkul Gram Bharati (BGB) was established by youth inpired by Gandhian id eology in 1990. BGB works in West Bengal with e.g. rural women, land ownership, forest rights, as well as to defend the traditional village culture. BGB acts as a legal holder and financial coordinator in the project.All India Forum of Forest Movements (AI FFM) is a forum that implements the activities in the project. AIFFM is an evolving network, which campaigns particularly for the rights of forest dependent communities at the local level in several states and at the national level. AIFFM is a member of th e Global Forest Coalition (supported by Siemenpuu-Kansalaisliikkeiden yhteistyösäätiö sr) and is thus well linked with Siemenpuu-Kansalaisliikkeiden yhteistyösäätiö sr’s Global Dialogue program.#

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