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Farmers for land installation


11/19 - 01/21


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The project targets to support some 100 women and men Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARB) members of ORKALEFF to formally occupy their awarded land after 22 years since titles were transferred to them under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP). More than half of those to be installed are senior citizens or nearing their 60s. Other ARBs are women or heirs of deceased ARBs. The ORKALEFF is a provincial federation of 14 ARB Organizations (ARBOs) in Leyte working to secure the land tenure and economic empowerment of its members. The project will 1) capacitate the ARBs on their land rights, improve negotiation strategies and skills, and how to counter uncooperative former landowners who continue to block their entry; 2) guide the ARBs on how to comply with the legal documentary requirements and procedures for ARB installation; 2) hold security and installation planning with the DAR, the Philippine National Police and other agencies; 4) conduct actual installations into their awarded land, and; 5)conduct farm planning and organizational development with a perspective on gender issues and sustainable agriculture practices. ORKALEFF and its 5 PO members for installation (i.e., AALIVEFA, DOLFA, JUFA, KAFA, and SALASAFA) will engage KAISAHAN for technical and legal support and RDII for integrating gender and sustainable agriculture into their strategies for farm and organizational development as owner-cultivators. These groups will co-organize training activities with ORKALEFF on Advanced Paralegal Formation for the installations and Farm and Organizational Development to prepare them as new owner-cultivators. RDII will act as the host organization for ORKALEFF since it was just registered in 2017. Meanwhile, KAISAHAN will mentor ORKALEFF in completing their legal requirements for the installations. The actual installation of the 100 ARBs and the capacity building activities are targeted to be done within 10 months.

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