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Ford Land 3.0


01/14 - 04/15


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The objective of this grant was to: i) establish and promote a new compelling narrative worldwide on the issue of Indigenous and community land rights; ii) connect struggles, victories and best practices on the topic of Indigenous and community land rights to amplify their voice; and iii) targeted advocacy and lobby toward international institutions. Through this grant we supported an Oxfam campaign spike on indigenous and community land rights, produced the report #Custodians of the land, Defenders of our future# in 4 languages, provided policy and campaign tools and opportunities in 6 countries, and reached more than 7M people through social media. In addition, we led a global mobilization around the Earth Day 2017, including by providing campaign and policy material to all participants of the Land Rights Now campaign, whilst brokering new alliances. The mobilization resulted in 42 events across 30 countries, more than 25k signatures, social media outreach of 5M. Finally, we also provided policy leadership to the Global Call to Action onIndigenous and Community Land Rights so as to create adequate momentum and pressure on this issue. We also worked on a specific influencing strategy with allies to consolidate the work on land rights indicators in the SDGs, and influencing the High Level Political Forum and the related National Review process, so as to support an enabling international environment.

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