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Community / Land projects / Forest and climate protection in Panay

Forest and climate protection in Panay


06/14 - 08/18


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This project was seeking to protect the primary forest covering the mountain ridge that runs through the centre of the Philippine island of Panay, as well as its endangered species. A further aim was to ensure the sustainable use of the natural resources in the areas bordering the forest by improving land-use planning and adapting forestry and agroforestry activities. It was setting up an alliance of affected provinces and local authorities. The project was also designating ‘critical habitats’ wherever possible across the entire forest area as part of the decentralised land-use planning process. Together with local communities, the project was planning activities and ensuring they are incorporated into their annual budgets. It was also establishing an ecologically sound agroforestry system in the buffer zone. Furthermore, it was driving forward large-scale reforestation and working towards supplying local households with renewable, sustainably produced raw materials to generate energy.

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