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Community / Land projects / Frame agreement with NGO (Suomen Lahetysseura ry)

Frame agreement with NGO (Suomen Lahetysseura ry)


01/14 - 12/14


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Project seeks alternative means of improved livelihood strategies for traditional pastoralism by sensitization, trainings and advocacy. Specifically, the activities include sensitization and training in human rights, improvement of natural resources manage ment for sustainable pastoralism and conflict resolution skills to facilitate the co-existence and harmony between farmers and pastoralists. Skills to start and improve income generation activities embodied with entrepreneurship skills training and busines s development services are highly addressed, as well as cross cutting issues, land rights, environmental protection, food security and crop cultivation, hiv and aids and gender development. Pastoralism as a livelihood and lifestyle require mobility of past oralists with their cattle in search of pasture, water and salt licks. Population growth and growing need of farm land have diminished grazing areas and the situation causes conflicts between pastoralists and farmers. National policy processes reduce the c apacity for pastoralists to engage into meaningful livestock based livelihood practices. Most policies and laws of the land are designed to restrict the practice of pastoralism while at the same time converting land and other resources under pastoralism in to other uses. As outcome of the project, pastoralists? awareness and skills in alternative means of livelihood and income generating activities will be raised and sustainable and environmental friendly means of grazing livestock will be in use. Conflicts regarding land use will be reduced and pastoralists? legal ownership to land will be clarified and raised. Beneficiaries of the project are pastoralist and agro pastoralist members of the Maasai, Barabaig and Sukuma ethnic groups living in southern Tanzani an, specifically in Morogoro region. In phase 2015-2017 project will also put more emphasis on gender issues and persons with disabilities. Project is implemented by HIMWA (Development Services for the Pastoralists), which is a development organization of Maasai, Barabaig and Sukuma ethnic groups.

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