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Community / Land projects / GEF 7 (2018-2021)

GEF 7 (2018-2021)


12/18 - 12/21


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The Danish contribution to the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) 7th replenishment amounts to 450 million DKK out of a total replenishment of 4.1 billion USD. making Denmark the 11th largest donor to GEF for this replenishment. GEF is the financial mechanism for a number of key international environmental conventions and agreements (climate change, international Waters, land degradation, ozone layer depletion, persistent organic pollutants, sustainable forest management and the convention on Mercury). GEF provides grants and concessional Funding to cover the incremental or additional costs Associated with transforming a projekt with national benefits into one with global environmental benefits thereby promoting environmental sustainable development. As of today GEF is a global partnership among 183 countries, international institutions, NGOs and the private sector. The GEF leadership is keen to place GEF prominently in the new environmental and Financial landscape including the process on developing sustainable development goals. The activities under GEF is currently implemented by 18 international institutions comprising multilateral banks, major UN organisations plus international non-governmental organizations.

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