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Global Land Tool Network Phase 2


01/12 - 12/18


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The Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) was established in 2006 and brings together over 70 international institutions to promote secure land and property rights for all, through the development of pro-poor and gender-appropriate land tools. The goal of GLTN Phase 2 programme is to ensure that “international organizations, UN-Habitat staff and related land programmes/projects and targeted national and local governments are better able to improve tenure security of the urban and rural poor”. Phase 2 builds on the success of Phase 1 that ended in 2011. Phase 2 of the GLTN emphasizes prioritizing, pilot-testing and rolling out priority land tools and approaches at country level; integrating capacity development and training in tool development processes; implementing capacity development programmes and supporting tool implementation in targeted countries and/ or cities / municipalities; supporting advocacy and knowledge management efforts; and mainstreaming gender equality, youth responsiveness, human rights and grassroots engagement in land work.

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