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12/22 - 02/23


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Land Rights Now is an international alliance campaign to secure indigenous and community land rights everywhere, by developing local to global campaigns that engage the public - raising awareness of the link between secure land rights, climate change, and food systems - and mobilizing them to exercise pressure on Governments to secure collective land rights. To deepen the connection between Land Rights Now and the climate justice movement, LRN is developing a new campaign on securing land rights, defending indigenous rights, and confronting the climate crisis; identifying local and national campaigns led by both land and climate activists, and broadening our alliances with international climate justice movements and feminist organizations to develop common campaigns around key international summits. The service provided is to ensure the coordination of the Land Rights Now campaign from December 2022 to February 2023.The key focus of coordination is to provide support to national campaigns, communicationslearning, and facilitating coordination of other participating organizations’ efforts and outreach to new allies, especially youth- and women-led movements on climate justice. The campaign is co-convened by Oxfam and the International Land Coalition and has an Advisory Board who review plans and provide guidance. The coordination is hosted by Oxfam.

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