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Community / Land projects / HO-ALIVE Fair Value Chains 2019-2020

HO-ALIVE Fair Value Chains 2019-2020


01/19 - 12/20


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The ALIVE team comprises three main areas of intervention: land rights, climate resilience and inclusive value chains. The synergy between the three has been maximized and also links with the intervention areas of the GROW team have been emphasized. The planned activities with a local aspect have been linked to the focus countries of tho Strategic Partnership. Some of the global activities, e.g. the work at the multi-stakeholder initiative Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil are not (anymore) linked to activities in a focus country for reasons that are related to specific and recent developments that do not allow for these local activities. LAND Targetof the influencing activities are the national governments of SP focus countries, and other countries of the Global Land Programme to adopt and adequately implementing policies that ensure enforcement and protection of land rights. The chosen interventions include overall coordination of an Oxfam global strategic programme on land, technical advice and coaching in the application of specific policy tools to country teams. ln addition, knowledge hub functions will be provided, such as facilitating peer-learning and institutional knowledge management. Direct dialogue will be undertaken with a group of global actors including various institutional donor agencies, ILC and women's movements to have them adopt policies and practices on women's land rights, land and inequality, responsible agri investment as well as make funds available for these topics. Four country teams will get support to advocate their respective national governments to integrate Oxfam's demands in their policies on women's land rights and to apply responsible agri-investments. CLIMATE RESILIenCE Oxfam partners in African focus countries will receive technical advice to participate in the formulation of National Action Plans on Climate Change Adaptation (NAPAs) countries while integrating social justice in relation to climate change.Integrated Landscape approaches will be promoted in various African countries also through the demonstration of effective climate resilient farming systems and genetic diversity. ln addition, global donors, EU and NL MoFA will be targeted with the ask to acknowledge the aspects of inequality and vulnerability of people affected by climate change in their policies and to translate this into the allocation of funds. Oxfam will keep social justice high on the aqenda of the Landscape for People Food and Nature Initiative (LPFN) in the Netherlands. INCLUSIVE VALUE CHAINS Two innovative elements have been formulated as part of Oxfam Novib's value chain work'. One includes the joint research with Dutch Development Bank FMO on the application of a relevant land related methodology by one or more of its clients underpinning the bank's responsible investment. The other innovation relates to block chain technology which will be further developed and tested in the rice and strawberry supply chains of SP focus countries in Africa and SEA. ALIVEwill closely collaborate with the GROW team on the current Behind the Barcode Campaign and provide best practices to retailers as well as positive examples on the respect of workers rights, women's rights and the inclusion of small scale producers in the seafood sector. Simultaneously country teams in South East Asia working on seafood and rice will be supported in their national and regional campaigns. Publications will be done on 'certification and beyond' as well as on the business case for genderequality. The concepts of living wage and living income as well as smallholder inclusion and gender equality will be promoted at various MS ls (RSPO, ASC, MSC, ASIC, SRP) while learning from experiences in other sectors e.g. cocoa. Direct dialogue willbeundertaken with a selected group of MNCs including targeted BTB companies with the aim to make them improve their policies and practices as related to smallholder inclusion,land rights and gender equality. Oxfam Novib will become active at the World Benchmark Alliance for the measurement of SDG commitments by MNCs.

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