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Community / Land projects / Integrated Shelter/(HLP) and CCCM response to the displaced persons by providing shelter and NFIs and HLP ser

Integrated Shelter/(HLP) and CCCM response to the displaced persons by providing shelter and NFIs and HLP ser


03/22 - 12/22


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Based on the recent joint drought assessment conducted by JF and other partners in Jubaland areas drought has worsened significantly across Somalia following three consecutive below-average rainy seasons. According to FAO/SWALIM, drought conditions are expected to worsen in December 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, leading to a similar situation witnessed in 2017. The intensifying drought has led to water shortages, crop failures, and high levels of livestock migration and deaths. This comes only two years after a devastating drought that impacted hundreds of thousands of lives, placed additional strain on communities, stretched the humanitarian response and displaced over 300,000 people and the large displacement is increasing vulnerability and need for shelter/NFI and HLP interventions to survive Through this proposal JF is aiming at providing an integrated life- saving assistance to drought affected IDPs and Host community in Afmadow and Dhobley districts. Lower Juba Region while ensuring the centrality of HLP in aspects in aspects of this intervention. The integrated response package that constituents Shelter/NFI and HLP will prioritize and meet the needs of the most vulnerable IDPs that are in need of support and currently not receiving similar humanitarian assistance from other actors. In addition the project will complement other Juba foundation projects while addressing the needs of the targeted population. The aim of having two components in this project is to support the targeted communities/beneficiaries holistically and efficiently by providing well-tailored and packaged responses in order to cater the different needs of the people concerned. The shelter component of the project will constitute provision of Emergency shelter kits and non- food items, establishment of complaint and feedback mechanism and post distribution monitoring. The activities are designed to improve the protective environment of the most vulnerable IDPs and host community through provision of shelter and Non - food items. JF will target 4179 HHs (25074 individuals) of ’ women and men with ESKs/NFIs amp HLP in Dhobley and Afmadow Districts Of Lower Juba. The HLP component of the project will focus on security of land tenure, the activities will strengthen community engagement and cover the most vulnerable beneficiaries’ needs Juba foundation will map out the potential areas of eviction in Afmadow and Dhobley, all the incidents of eviction will be reported. JF will work closely with other organization JF, in collaboration with the national HLP Cluster, will upgrade and customize the current eviction tracker. . Juba Foundation will also provide information on eviction and provide IEC materials to the targeted beneficiaries. JF will also strengthen the capacity of the community on Eviction through training of local authorities and the community at large JF will provide integrated lifesaving response covering interventions in Shelter/NFI and Housing land and property. The intervention will build on JF activities in the target areas and will reach the most vulnerable people without duplicating the efforts by other partners. The shelter activities will be implemented for a period of six months and HLP activities for a period of nine months. The project will target 4179 HHs with NFI and ESKs, In Afmadow 501HH will receive NFI kits and 374HH will also receive ESKs, In Dobley 2354HHs will receive NFIs and 750HHs will also receive ESKs in addition to that 200 HHs [1200] will benefit from HLP activities [100 HHs in Dobley and 100 HHs in Afmadow JF will collaborate with IRDO partner NGO which will implement CCCM activities by undertake a site verification exercise targeting14 camps, procuring and distribute tool kit, undertake a one-off safety audit activity, Conditional Cash Transfer for site decongestion activity, Procure140 crutches and distribute 10 in each camp to support mobility aid and Cash for Work Activities in Afmadowow and Dobl

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