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JRAS/GROW Program Development OAU-SLK


03/15 - 12/15


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JRAS Theme 1 Strategy was developed for the period 2013-2015 with the input from South Asia Economic Justice Working Group (SAEJWG)and the Country Leadership Teams (CLTs). Oxfam South Asia Programme Governance Group (PGG) approved the Strategy in October 2012. The priority within JRAS Theme 1 is for the work that adds value in a demonstrable way to the existing country level work, global strategies, and increases coherence between Affiliates# work at regional level through linking and learning amongst Oxfams, partners and allies. The work around approved strategy is a regional window of opportunity for influencing key policies related with climate change, land right and food security at the country and regional levels. The goal of JRAS Theme 1 is:#Men and women in South Asia are enjoying enough nutritious food and are exercising their right to access, own and control the land, water and forest resources important for their food and livelihood security.# In order to achieve the goal, various strategies have been used throughout the Programme. As per Programme Trajectory, we focused more on research and alliance building in the first two years; and more on advocacy, popular mobilisation and linking and learning the last years. At Oxfam Novib, the programme was funded by Dutch government funds (MFS) while both Oxfam OGB Regional Center and Oxfam Australia supported financially the overhead costs of the Coordinator. Oxfam Novib is embarking on a process of Programme Development with the final aim ofexternal fundraising for national and regional GROW work. The South Asia regional programme costs were mainly paid by the Dutch government (MFS) funds, which will be no longer available from next year. In the view of this and with the support of ONL HQ,aprogramme development process has been started in January 2014 aimed to prepare further proposals for fundraising. The proposals are meant to support better existing country level GROW work and future plans in the themes of (1) climate change, (2) right tofood and (3) land rights and to be linked to the current JRAS Theme 1 programme in order to ensure smooth transition for a possible next phase. This process has been shared and agreed with the South Asia Economic Justice Working Group during the annual Face to face planning meeting (7-8 March 2015 Dhaka). The programme development process will include partnership assessment, donor engagement and management, proposal development within Thematic Working Groups, research and data collection, some small initial projects with identified partners, etc. As it is labour intensive process we would suggest engaging extra capacity (for example, a consultant, etc) who will support the Grow CTs in this work (preferably a seconded staff from an identified partner whowill be partnering in this work).

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