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Community / Land projects / Kenya Climate Change Adaptation Project( KeCCAP)

Kenya Climate Change Adaptation Project( KeCCAP)


06/22 - 05/24


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This IKI Small Grants project addresses climate resilient water management and climate resilient agricultural practices. Thereby it supports smallholder farmers in adapting to the negative impacts of climate change and land degradation. It introduces climate-smart agriculture techniques with a focus on irrigation by installing water pans, dam liners, shade nets and water pumps. The installations are accompanied by trainings for maintenance and repair of the pumps. Through trainings and innovation, farmers are guided for two years to use climate smart agriculture. Amongst other things, they receive trainings on climate change adaptation and mitigation, solar energy, disaster risk reduction, indigenous plants, and livestock breeds. The project further works with community driven initiatives such as village loaning and saving groups as well as community managed disaster and risk reduction groups, to enhance the resilience of livelihoods and ecosystems to climatic risk.

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