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Key Registers for e-Government & EU-integration


01/18 - 12/20


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The Republic Geodetic Authority of Serbia (RGA) is the institution in Serbia entrusted with production and coordination of geographic information, and is hosting some of the key registers, such as properties, addresses and administrative units. In the future, RGA will manage their key registers in a new service oriented architecture (eliminating redundant storage of data, ensuring that registers are updated continuously directly form the data sources.) Background and Justification RGA and Kartverket have for more than 10 years cooperated in projects on improving the Serbian infrastructure of geographic information and land management, among the project results are: •Scanning and transfer of old cadastral maps to digital data •Establishment of a Digital Archive for Land Administration Data •Developing strategy and realizing cooperation between stakeholders of geographic information in Serbia •Realization of a web portal for exchange of map data and geographic information •Specifications of a new Real Estate management system (cooperation with the World Bank) •Assessment the quality of property information (Data Migration Pilot - ongoing) In the same period there has been significant developments having impact on the operation of RGA: •Serbia have launched an e-Government program and are developing a number of services for digital interaction between the public, businesses and public institutions. •The European Union has implemented a series of standards under the INSPIRE directive framework, obliging public institutions to make geographic information available on standardized formats and services. This project focuses on upgrading the key registers of RGA enabling integration with the Serbian e-Government, also enabling INSPIRE compliant services for geographic information. Project Objectives The overall objective is to support RGAs role as an online provider of property-, and geographic information to enable realization of efficient e-Government services, and European Standardisation. More specifically: 1.To establish three new registers (Addresses, Administrative Units and Condominiums) as an integrated part of the RGA key registers, communicate with external data through services, and support the e-government of Serbia. 2.To make geographic information available to the private and public enterprises as well as the citizens with geoportal and services that comply with the INSPIRE directive of EU. 3.To integrate the new registers with services with other registers both internally and externally to RGA, thus maintaining continuous and coordinated updating and efficient work processes.

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