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Community / Land projects / Land Registration & Cadastre System for Sustainable Agriculture Project

Land Registration & Cadastre System for Sustainable Agriculture Project


04/05 - 03/16


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The project objective is to expand farm privatization to enable more rural people to become independent farmers and take management decisions in response to market forces, by providing them secure land use rights certificates distributed in a transparent and fair manner, and providing essential complementary support services. Project components include: (i)Farm Privatization and Land Registration (i.e. privatize 300 Collective and State Farms (CSFs) in a transparent and fair manner, issue at least 75,000 secure land use certificates, and establish a uniform, parcel-based system of registration of land use rights by further supporting the central office of the State Land Committee in Dushanbe, upgrading four land offices to Regional Land Registration Offices (RLROs), establishing three new RLROs, and training staff to provide the required services). The project will finance equipment for surveying, mapping, digitization software and hardware, and training.activities include farm restructuring, reform of cadastre, surveying, titling and registration; (ii)Farm Information and Irrigation Support, to provide rural citizens with detailed information on the privatization process, including the land law, rules and regulations governing the allocations, and individual’s rights to farmland. It will train project area rural people and also support nation-wide campaigns through mass media programs, and booklet preparation and distribution, with a systematic approach to reach youth and women; and (iii)Project Management and Policy Support, by supporting the capacity development within the President’s Economic Advisor’ Office to enable Tajikistan to address national policy issues associated with scaling up the Farm Privatization Support Project approach. The policy support will include the establishment of a small policy unit, as well as technical assistance and training, to address land administration, cotton, water management, and other policy issues related to farm privatization. The policy support will also address the special issues associated with the de facto land redistribution during the civil war.

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