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Community / Land projects / OGB Myanmar Right to Food 2019-2020

OGB Myanmar Right to Food 2019-2020


01/19 - 12/20


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This project falls under the thematic area Right to Food and follows on the project A-04844 from 2016-2018. Through our work on Right to Food Oxfam Novib and SOMO aim to achieve that more small-scale food producers and agricultural workers, particularly women andtheir communities, benefit from local to global publi cand private sector policies that protect and promote their prosperity and resilience. Since 2016 the context has changed for which we have adjusted the project intervention. The original plan was designed inan optimistic period on the eve of the transfer to the civilian elected government, when the progressive National Land Use Policy was being finalised and there was an expectation of a progressive reform process. While solidarity within civil society is growing and there has been some limited progress on policies, steps toward land governance reform have been limited and space for communities and civil society to influence has shrunk. Following the Rohingya refugee crisis fewer responsible investors are coming to Myanmar, resulting in a growing dominance of less accountable investors. As a result, the project focuses more on equipping local communitiesand civil society organizations with tools to address these private actors. Moreover, in face of the challenging context there is agreater need to continue building solidarity among civil society and movements to facilitate more effective national and especiallythe sub national lobby and advocacy. This is crucial with 3 controversial land law amendment processes underway for the period 2019-2020. The long term objective remains the same that people realize their right to food sovereignty and they influence decision-making that positively impacts their land and natural resources rights in line with international environmental and social standards Toachieve this long-term outcome in Myanmar Oxfam works together with Metta and Paung Ku. Metta will extend project implementation toEastern Shan State to support capacity development of local CSOs have invited Metta to initiate awareness-raising on land and natural resource rights at community level. Paung Ku is an additional partner in the project that focus on developing civil society and alliance capacity for strategic influencing at union level and engagement with independent media.

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