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Community / Land projects / PMU Peaceful and resilient communities in Ethiopia 2023-2026

PMU Peaceful and resilient communities in Ethiopia 2023-2026


10/23 - 12/27


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The project contributes to inclusive and sustainable peace in Ethiopia by increasing social cohesion and enhancing peacebuilding engagement by religious actors on national and regional levels. The project also focuses on strengthening the capacity of programme providers and local peacebuilders to carry out peace work, including psychosocial support, and developing approaches and practices for quality interventions.


The overall goal of the programme is Peaceful and resilient communities, and that individuals, civil society groups and institutions contribute to good social co-existence in the Ethiopian society. Outcome 1: Social cohesion including psychosocial well-being increased in target communities affected by violent conflict. Outcome 2: CSOs, religious actors, women and youth are engaging in peace-building on local, regional, and national levels. Outcome 3: Communities in conflict-affected areas are integrated in the programmes HDP nexus approach, leading to increased resilience against food and economic insecurity. Outcome 4: Programme providers capacity is enhanced and approaches and practices are developed to strengthen the quality of interventions.

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