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Community / Land projects / Private Sector Advocacy for Responsible Agribusiness Investments in Ghana

Private Sector Advocacy for Responsible Agribusiness Investments in Ghana


04/22 - 04/22


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This project will build the private sector influencing capacity of Oxfam in Ghana and national Civil Society Organizations. (CSOs) to influence and hold accountable Three (3) US/European based Behind the Brand (BtB) companies sourcing cocoa and other agricultural commodities from Ghana and public policies and practices. This will involve strategically engaging and holding BtB companies accountable to their commitments to climate, land, and gender, using Oxfam's methodologies/tools and expertise in private sector engagement and development. The project will improve accountability of at least Three (3) food and beverage companies' supply chains and increase Oxfam's positioning to engage other large food companies, which are expanding investment in Ghana. The project will contribute to promoting secure and equitable land rights for Cocoa farmers, especially women small holder to benefit from investments, and for Ghanaian society at large to ensure inclusive rural development. To increase social inclusion as well as for productive investment in the rural sector, national and traditional land tenure and land governance policies are targeted.

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