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Community / Land projects / PROG2017-2021_SO15_Nicaragua



03/17 - 12/21


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Nicaragua recently returned to the VLIR-UOS list of partner countries -after a few years without project opportunities- because of its potential for academic cooperation and the interest of Flemish HEI to work with Nicaraguan HEI. VLIR-UOS supports interventions that empower higher education institutes in their role as drivers of change. All interventions frame within the VLIR-UOS Country Strategy for Nicaragua which fits in the national human development plan (PNDH), higher education priorities and the JSF. The strategy is translated in 3 domains: environment (climate change, effects on disease, agriculture, biodiversity, natural resources, link economy, link ecotourism&labels/entrepreneurship, waste management), territorial development (land transition, local development&governance, productive landscapes, agroforestry, spatial contexts, rurality, conflict, agricultural development, sustainable development, link public health/disease control) and society (inclusive governments, human rights, social&community development, education, local governance, migration, transitional justice, intercultural issues, land rights, gender&violence, youth&violence, link public health/disease control). Special attention should go to cross-cutting and supporting issues related to higher education and research (research strategy/thinking, problem based research and innovation, academic English, proposal writing, open library & access systems, gender mainstreaming and balances, intercultural diversity, multidisciplinary research). The programme will be a kind of exploratory phase aiming at motivating researchers to submit project proposals for TEAM and South Initiatives. At least a few projects should be able to take place.

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