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Community / Land projects / Promoting forestry and forest conservation in Kizarawe

Promoting forestry and forest conservation in Kizarawe


11/12 - 12/15


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There is particular concern of increasing forest degradation in the Kizarawe area in Tanzania. Illegal cutting of forest resources for energy purposes is an increasing problem in Daresalaam city. Communities in the villages have only little knowledge in tr ee nursery management and afforestation.The project is designed to support village people to learn basic knowledge about the forestry actions to save their environment and improve their living conditions. The main activities of the project are extension an d training. The people in the villages are trained to produce seedlings so that they can establish plantations. The villagers are also able to produce seedlings for sale to generate some income. The project also deals with the question of the private land ownership. The overall objective of the project is to improve the state of forests in the first hand in project villages but also wider in Kisarawe District and support the communities to be empowered on forest management and environmental conservation. Th e aim is also to improve the economic status of the village farmers.The purpose of the project is expand forest plantations and decrease the pressure of the remaining natural forests. Further the purpose is support NGO DeCo to be active and capable in fore st issues and in forestry extension on village level.The main beneficiaries are the village farmers (women and men) and their families.

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