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Community / Land projects / Provision of Integrated Life-saving Protection Response to Drought -Affected Population in Baidoa;Berdale, Bur

Provision of Integrated Life-saving Protection Response to Drought -Affected Population in Baidoa;Berdale, Bur


08/22 - 01/23


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In response the growing the humanitarian needs in the country due to the devastating drought situation SOS CVS is proposing an integrated CP, GBV and HLP interventions with aim of addressing the acute protection needs of the affected populations in Baidoa, Berdale, Burhakaba and Qansax Dheere in Bay region. SOS CVs will primarily target newly displaced IDPs including children at risk of abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect including UASC vulnerable women and girls with heightened GBV risk including GBV survivors and supporting IDP communities with insecure land tenures. The project will target the following IDP camps ()Balad amar, Bilal, Buulo jay, Buulo Tugeer, Edaan Qaboobe and Hagaray IDP camps in Baidoa, Aray, Holwadag, Masusow and Waberi in Burhakaba and All Xamdu, Badbaado, Bakaro, Barwaqo, Bulsho and Camp Eyle In Bardel and Busle, Buulo Abag and Maanyow IDp camps in Qasaxdhere. The main objective of the proposed integrated protection project is to address holistically the acute protection needs by providing prevention and responsive interventions. The integrated protection response is designed to improve the protection of the target children, girls and women from abuse, violence and exploitation through provision of CP /GBV comprehensive case management support including rapid identification, tracing and family reunification services for those at risk of family separations, GBV survivor centered services, PSS/PFA services. SOS CV will engage with the authority and community in secure land for the IDPs in Baidoa. SOS CV will be strengthening CM systems by strengthening the capacity of the frontline CM staff, facilitate service mapping specially newly established IDP camps and updating of referral pathways. SOS CV will closely be working with GBV and CP state-level coordinators and partners to ensure coherent response to protection needs of the populations. SOS will scale-up the provision of case management services by deploying trained social workers in sites the new IDPs are settling into as the needs are high in those sites, a total 300 children will be targeted for the CM. SOS CV will support the arrangement and placement of 200 UC in interim care. and will provide support during the care arrangement. SOS CV will initiate family tracing and reunification exercise for all UASC using the CPMIS + and CM SOPs. The project will provide PSS support to 4000 children such as sports activities, indoor games and other interactive plays, counselling services and life-skills sessions. Existing CFS will be supported with additional resources including maintenance and small rehabilitations as deemed necessary. IDP sites without no existing CFS will have mobile CFS team who provide PSS activities within the camp. The project will support two existing CFS in Baidoa and will establish two mobile CFS Burhakaba and Berdale. Each CFS will have 2 animators and 1 social worker while CP officer will have the overall supervision of the work. The two static CFS have disaggregated WASH facilities with hand washing standing. 4 recreational kits will be procured for PSS programs The project will support IDPs with land insecurity by verifying land ownership, creating conducive environment for dialogue between land owners and community by facilitating access to land, supporting and facilitate proper agreement between the stakeholders including the development and reviews of the land tenure documents. The interventions will help new IDPs have secured and agreed land tenures. The proposed interventions will be reinforced and strengthen the protection of the drought affected populations and will significantly contribute in reduction of the protection risks increased safety and community wellbeing in the midst of the drought condition. Total 16 IDP sites will be supported with HLP services

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