Services in the context of supporting the use of the Forests Rights Act and the VGGT among Indigenous Peoples' organizations in India | Land Portal
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David Egiashvili, FAO, +39 0657052322 <>

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A series of awareness-raising and capacity development material on the VGGT and the Indian Forestry Rights Act (FRA) with a specific focus on indigenous peoples (Adivasi in India) were developed. The materials include a kit targeting community leaders and local authorities, including posters, leaflets, cartoon booklets and videos. The materials were developed with the objective of giving simple information on the relevant legislation and applicable procedures to secure Adivasi’ lands and forests at local level. At the same time, the VGGT have been translated and disseminated in four indigenous languages used in India. in January 2017, a meeting was organized at the Nalsar University of Law to discuss the establishment of a network of lawyers, lawmakers, judges, universities, and organizations working in supporting the rights of Adivasi and other marginalized communities. The network, which is currently being established, will support the recognition of tenure rights of indigenous peoples in India in collaboration with NALSAR University, PRAYOG and other organizations working with Adivasi and indigenous peoples.

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