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Community / Land projects / Southern Highlands and Ruaha-Katavi Protection Program (SHARPP)

Southern Highlands and Ruaha-Katavi Protection Program (SHARPP)


09/14 - 09/23


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(Tanzania): With the decimation of elephants in Tanzania's Selous Game Reserve, the Ruaha-Katavi landscape now harbors the largest population of elephants in eastern Africa. It is also one of the last strongholds for Africa's remaining lions. Ruaha and Katavi are two national parks separated by a large amount of healthy, but unprotected forest which is currently under threat. If this linkage between the parks is broken, the future for elephants, lions, and the livelihoods for remote rural Tanzanian communities is at risk. SHARP will use FY 2020 biodiversity funds to directly address these threats and help to protect the community lands that currently link the parks. The activity will continue working with local government authorities, community groups, and protected area managers to secure wildlife corridors on village land by providing technical assistance on sound village land-use planning sessions, and assisting local communities to form village game scout groups to patrol and prevent encroachment and poaching. It will also use FY 2020 funds to reduce human-wildlife conflict by providing training on alternative livelihoods approaches that improve economic well-being for the communities and help reduce pressure on both the ecosystem and wildlife. The activity will continue to monitor the status of key wildlife species to inform wildlife recovery and use of the secured corridors. These interventions help further Tanzania's journey to self-reliance by developing the country's own ability to monitor, preserve, and benefit from its natural resources...... .

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