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Community / Land projects / Strengthening Peacebuilding in Chiapas

Strengthening Peacebuilding in Chiapas


10/22 - 10/25


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Indigenous and rural communities in Chiapas, Mexico, face increasing challenges due to violence resulting from conflict. The increasing complexity of conflict between and among communities arising from land disputes, power struggles, differences over faith issues, or other disagreements between groups undermines social and economic development. The IAF supports community-led solutions to promote peaceful solutions to conflict and chronic violence. Our grantee Comisin de Apoyo a la Unidad y Reconciliacin Comunitaria, A. C. (CORECO) supports the development of skills among Indigenous and rural communities to analyze conflict, engage groups to peacefully transform conflict, and resolve thorny issues that could easily escalate into violence. This grant brings faith-based strategies and diverse Indigenous networks to the IAF's approach to overcoming chronic violence.

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