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Community / Land projects / Support for the Implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on Land Tenure (Component 2)

Support for the Implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on Land Tenure (Component 2)


12/13 - 03/17


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The United Kingdom will provide financial support totalling the amount of GBP 3 922 159 over three years for the dissemination and effective and high quality implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security. Component 2.3 (1.444 USD) includes piloting of the Open Tenure Crowd Sourcing setup (mobile phone and cloud server host) in Nigeria. FAO has worked with community groups in a number of Nigerian states, including Kaduna, on forestry and agriculture. Kaduna has the added advantage of being one of three states where the FAO’s open source land administration (SOLA) software has been implemented in support of systematic land titling and registration (SLTR) pilots undertaken through the DFID-funded GEMS3 project. Another three to five states are expected to implement SLTR pilots using SOLA by early 2014. The proposed Open Tenure Crowd Sourcing software will be highly relevant to the SLTR work and especially for scaling-up activities when GEMS3 ends. Community based activities to strengthen their tenure rights using Open Tenure Crowd Sourcing tools that have common components and similar processes such as used in SLTR will be more easily aligned. They will facilitate the transition of community recorded tenure rights to more formal mechanisms, thus improving the security of those rights and access to credit.

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