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Community / Land projects / Supporting Community Policing and Stabilisation in Iraq

Supporting Community Policing and Stabilisation in Iraq


01/23 - 01/23


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This project contributes to enhancing peace, security and stability through rebuilding trust between law enforcement officials and communities; and a conducive environment for returns through strengthened social cohesion and increasing access to rights and political representation. To address these objectives, IOM will increase the capacity of law enforcement officials and the ability of the community to engage with one another to identify and resolve security issues through the Community Policing approach, as well as increase interagency coordination on border security issues. This project will also strengthen the participation of the Yazidi community in transitional justice mechanisms development, and increase inter community cohesion and political representation of Yazidis. IOM will support Yazidis and other vulnerable families to access housing, land and property rights as well as enhanced tenure security and rights.

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