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Mountains in northern Georgia, photo by RichardMc, public domain
23 novembre 2022

The land governance context in Georgia in detail

8 juillet 2022
États-Unis d'Amérique

Food safety and transfer of modern technology and knowledge to farmers in Georgia were discussed between Agriculture Minister Otar Shamugia and United States officials in Washington, the Ministry announced on Friday. 

4 juin 2020

For decades, deforestation in Georgia has been putting the livelihoods of communities at risk. It has not only led to an increase in the impact of natural disasters, but has also deprived communities of clean running water.

22 mai 2020

On May 22, the Georgian Parliament endorsed the amendments to the Forest Code of Georgia with its third reading with 79 votes in favor and none against – amid strong criticism voiced by the civil society organizations.  

7 décembre 2018

Georgia’s Constitutional Court has suspended a moratorium on purchasing agricultural land by foreign citizens. While the court ruled the ban was unconstitutional, the suspension will only be temporary as constitutional amendments are set to kick in. Foreign citizens now have nine days left to register land they have bought or inherited.

20 février 2017

For the people of Upper Svaneti, a remote sliver of land nestled high in the gorges of Georgia, the last words uttered by the dying are portents of the future.

And the future looks bleak.


Un homme porte un drapeau géorgien lors du sommet européen qui s'est tenu à Tbilisi, le 27 juin 2014 (AFP PHOTO / VANO SHLAMOV)

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