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La FAO reclama paz para garantizar el acceso a los alimentos
28 septembre 2022

El aumento de los precios de los alimentos tendrá implicaciones devastadoras para la seguridad alimentaria y la nutrición en el mundo, resalta el titular de la FAO.

26 août 2022

Indonesia plans to expand protection of its seas to cover an area nearly the size of Germany by 2030 — and then tripling it by 2045.

25 août 2022
  • Expat demand for homes in Bali, Indonesia, is spiking.
  • The spike is driven by the rise of remote work, a new second-home visa, and skyrocketing rents.
  • "The last 18 months — I've never seen it been busier in Bali," said Nathan Ryan, the founder of Bali Realty.
17 août 2022

Les programmes de PSE offrent des paiements monétaires ou en nature aux propriétaires fonciers ou aux utilisateurs de la forêt qui réduisent volontairement leur déforestation ou augmentent leurs activités de protection des forêts.

14 août 2022

Le CIFOR-ICRAF recherche un(e) Directeur(trice) Exécutif(ve) qui défendra avec passion l'héritage de l'organisation avec un objectif tout en tirant parti de ses connaissances et de sa portée pour accroître et accélérer l'impact du CIFOR-ICRAF sur le monde.

Le rôle

14 juillet 2022

Main photo - Officers preparing land certificates to be awarded to residents at Tawaeli Sub-district Office, North Palu, Central Sulawesi, Friday (October 23, 2020). ANTARA PHOTO/Mohamad Hamzah/wsj).

13 juin 2022
  • Much of the landscape of Indonesia’s East Kalimantan province has been transformed, its formerly vast forests razed for logging, monocrop agriculture and open-cast coal mining.
  • A recently published study analyzes how waves of extractive industries have affected the inhabitants of one village in the province
2 juin 2022
  • Fires have swept through large swaths of peatland forest in the western part of Indonesia’s Sumatra Island since the start of the year, an area that usually sees much smaller, controlled fires.
  • Environmental activists say they suspect the fires might be linked to palm oil companies with plantations in and around the burned areas.
5 mai 2022
  • A total of 17.6 million hectares (43.5 million acres) of Indigenous territories in Indonesia, an area half the size of Germany, have been demarcated under an independent initiative that began in 2010.
20 avril 2022
  • Critics of the Indonesian government’s plan to build a new capital city in the coal-mining heartland of East Kalimantan province have long warned about the abandoned mining pits dotting the landscape.
28 mars 2022
  • A subsidiary of South Korean paper company Moorim has cleared natural forests a tenth the size of Seoul in Indonesia’s Papua region over the past six years, a new report alleges.
9 mars 2022
  • For years, people have settled illegally in national parks around Indonesia, clearing the land and farming it in the hope they will eventually be granted legal title to it.

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