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THE MISSION :"Leading the fight against corruption through public education, prevention and law enforcement”
THE VISION: “A corruption and injustice free Rwanda”
CORE VALUES:“Integrity, Accountability, Excellence and Professionalism”.


The Government of Rwanda (GoR) defines good governance as: "the exercise of political, economic and administrative authority to manage the nation’s affairs and the complex mechanisms, processes, relationships and institutions as well as leadership behaviour through which citizens’ groups articulate their interests, exercise their rights and obligations and meditate their differences". 

Mission and Vision

MIGEPROF is the central government institution mandated to ensure strategic coordination of policy implementation in the area of gender, family, women's empowerment and children's issues. It plays a leading role in the implementation of gender agenda.  


Stable Family, Gender equality and complementarity.


Creating a conducive environment for the family stability, gender    equality and child protection towards sustainable development.


Guarantee secure environment for all family members

Our Vision

To become a platform for academic professionals to share ideas, country experiences, plans and ways to improve land administration training/education in Eastern Africa, among other land related issues of regional concern.

Our Strategy

Promoting and improving Land Administration Education/Training and Research in the Eastern Africa region through collaboration with academic partners

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