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Terre et Covid-19

Alors que les gouvernements font une pause dans les activités économiques et que les gens modifient leur travail et leurs comportements sociaux pour arrêter la propagation de COVID-19, il existe plusieurs dimensions cachées qui peuvent faire pression sur la gouvernance et la gestion des terres et menacer la sécurité des droits fonciers de millions de personnes dans le monde. Dans cette section, nous avons rassemblé les dernières nouvelles sur la façon dont COVID-19 affecte les différentes dimensions des droits fonciers.

Informations par pays


17 juin 2022
Afrique centrale

En 2021, dans le cadre de la mise en œuvre des activités du projet “Renforcer les capacités de Conseil en Gouvernance foncière en Afrique”, le pôle d’Excellence NELGA a lancé un concours des meilleures thèses de Doctorat et mémoire de Master sur la question foncière en Afrique centrale.

16 décembre 2021
Afrique sub-saharienne

La jeunesse et le foncier pour une agriculture prospère en Afrique

8 décembre 2021

Pour changer l’agriculture en Martinique, il faut d’abord repenser l’enseignement agricole, afin d’aider les jeunes à se former à l’agroécologie et à l’entrepreunariat agricole.

20 novembre 2021

Dans ce bulletin, la Coalition internationale pour l'accès à la terre - Afrique présente un résumé du Forum foncier africain 2021.


Land and Socio‐Economic Effects of the COVID‐19 Pandemic in Rural Kenya
Articles et Livres
octobre 2022

Following its outbreak in late 2019, the Coronavirus disease (COVID‐19) has been reported to have had devastating human health, health systems, and socioeconomic impacts across the globe.

Rapports et recherches
janvier 2022

In 2019, the long-awaited transition of presidential power from Nursultan Nazarbayev to his anointed successor Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev took place. However, Nazarbayev continues to wield power. Among his many positions is the chair-for-life of the National Security Council, a constitutional body that has effective veto power over key policy decisions.

Articles et Livres
janvier 2022
Amérique latine et Caraïbes
Amérique centrale
Amérique du Sud

A COVID-19 é um acontecimento liminal. Repentinamente, reconfigurou a organização da vida quotidiana, colocou a ordem política à prova e levou à recessão econômica.


2 juillet 2021
Danny Wijnhoud

This session zoomed in on the local situation and challenges faced by grassroots communities and women in some low-Income countries. It provided an overview of support provided by Civil Society organizations (and governments) facilitating communities, women in particular, to step up the efforts to strengthen their land rights and to generate resilience in face of the climate and COVID-19 challenges they are facing.

More secure land tenure provides much better opportunities to face climate and COVID-19 challenges by investing in high biodiversity local food & income systems.

Facilitating a Coordinated Response
27 avril 2020

By Grace Goodrich

In the second part of an exclusive with Africa Oil & Power, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s Director for Africa, Paul Akiwumi, discusses trade facilitation reforms, debt relief programs and Official Development Assistance as instruments of aid for Angola during COVID-19.

What role will trade facilitation and policy reforms play in helping reduce Angola’s dependence on fuel exports?

Land and compensation in Zimbabwe: frequently asked questions
23 novembre 2020
Prof. Ian Scoones

The debate about compensation of former white farmers in Zimbabwe continues to rage. The compensation agreement signed in July agreed a total amount of US$3.5 billion to pay for ‘improvements’ to the land that was expropriated. After 20 years of discussion, this was a major step forward. However, there seem to be multiple positions on the agreement and little consensus, along with much misunderstanding. However, some things are happening, and a joint resource mobilisation committee has been established with technical support from the World Bank and others.

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