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Traditional authorities need a clearer role in land governance

07 Mai 2024

Traditional authorities in Zambia complain that the government does not consult them when land is allocated for investment projects, while communities say chiefs are neglecting their interests. Jesinta Kunda of Zambia Land Alliance says more clarity is needed on the role of traditional authorities, in law and practice, to ensure large-scale investments in agriculture, mining and other sectors are governed better – particularly in light of the rising demand for critical minerals found in Zambia. She urges the government, traditional leaders and citizens to seize the opportunities presented by current legal reforms in Zambia to create change.

Récapitulation du webinaire : Les autorités traditionnelles en Afrique et leur rôle dans la gouvernance foncière

17 Novembre 2023

Dans le cadre d'un webinaire stimulant animé par Nolundi Luwaya, directeur du Centre de recherche sur la terre et la responsabilité de l'Université du Cap, des experts de toute l'Afrique se sont réunis pour démêler les complexités du rôle des autorités traditionnelles dans la gouvernance des investissements fonciers. Cet événement a mis en lumière les défis uniques et les stratégies employées par les autorités traditionnelles dans la gestion des investissements fonciers.

Qu'est-ce que la terre, et pour qui ? - La nécessité pour les professionnels de développement d'élargir leur vision du foncier

05 Septembre 2023
Linda Engstrom

Blogpost sur le livre "Power, Knowledge, Land - Contested Ontologies of Land and Its Governance Foncière in Africa" 2022 par Laura A. German. Presses de l'Université du Michigan.

Par Linda Engström, chercheuse, Division du développement rural, Université suédoise des sciences agricoles, Suède.


Securing land tenure in Uganda: A collaborative approach to address root causes of food insecurity

07 Octobre 2021
Lisette Meij

There is an immense pressure on land in Uganda. The country has a rapidly growing population and is host to the world’s third largest refugee population. Particularly poor people struggle to get access to healthy food. Agriculture practices need to become more efficient and focused on the domestic market. The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in Uganda works to improve food security in selected areas in the country. Among several food security projects, the EKN works with the LAND-at-scale program to improve land governance.

This Is Our Land: Why Reject the Privatisation of Customary Land

20 Juillet 2021


Most of the world’s land is still stewarded by communities under customary systems. Billions of people rely on communally managed farmland, pasture, forests and savannahs for their livelihoods. 

This collective management of resources is viewed in the colonial or capitalist economic model as an obstacle to individual wealth creation and private profit. 

Why are tribal women in India still robbed of their land rights?

08 Mars 2021
Shipra Deo

In Jharkhand, eastern India, women are not entitled to own land and accusations of witchcraft are wielded against them to silence their claims to land

When Talabitti’s husband died in 2016, her claim to the family land seemed to die with him. Though her husband had worked the family land by himself, upon his death his male cousins laid their claim. If Talabitti attempted to make a competing claim, they threatened to drive her away – with violence, if necessary. Sadly, this threat materialized.