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indigenous communities
indigenous community

People whose ancestors inhabited a place or a country when persons from another culture or ethnic background arrived on the scene and dominated them through conquest, settlement, or other means and who today live more in conformity with their own social, economic, and cultural customs and traditions than those of the country of which they now form a part.


Source: Convention (No. 169) concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries, UNHCHR, 1991.

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janvier 1988
Afrique orientale

This paper analyses briefly the reasons why enclosures of the rangelands is taking place, the short and long term impact on different groups, and the technical and environmental issues. Examples are given from Kenya and Somalia.

Rapports et recherches

List of published books and links to more than 20 online documents, mostly on the Mon, the Karen and internal displacement in Burma/Myanmar ....."Ashley South is an independent writer and consultant, specialising in humanitarian and political issues in Burma/Myanmar and Southeast Asia.


La Declaración Final de la Conferencia sobre Reforma Agraria y Desarrollo Rural (CIRADR), celebrada en Marzo de 2006 en Porto Alegre, Brasil, ha inspirado las reflexiones iniciales:

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This article focusses on the territorial transformation of Wallmapu (the Mapuche nation) from the time of the Spanish conquest, the consolidation of the Chilean nation-state, the Augusto Pinochet military dictatorship, to the current social-democratic coalitions.

Rapports et recherches

The Ethiopian government has committed egregious human rights abuses to make way for agricultural land investments, in direct violation of international law, said the Oakland Institute in a new briefing paper released in New Delhi today.

Rapports et recherches

A Search engine. UNHCR Documentation Centre's website. Lots of refugee and other documents.

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