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Développement rural

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Rapports et recherches
avril 2020
Amérique latine et Caraïbes

Cada dos años, desde 2011, Rimisp – Centro Latinoamericano para el Desarrollo Rural, publica su Informe Latinoamericano sobre Pobreza y Desigualdad, como un aporte a la discusión sobre estas temáticas desde la perspectiva particular de la desigualdad territorial, una de las aristas menos abordadas del problema, y que impacta con especial fuerza a los sectores rurales de América Latina.

Publication évaluée par des pairs
mars 2020

This article reviews the invisibility and the recognition of rural female work in the Patagonian region of Argentina over time. The analysis is carried out based on (a) the systematisation of research articles (b) a historical study of censuses, and (c) the systematisation of rural development plans related to the subject. The article adopts an ecofeminist perspective.

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février 2020

The 2016 peace agreement between the Government of Colombia and the FARC-EP created institutional space for an effective implementation of needed rural reforms. However, the change of power structures also contains risks, like the deterioration of natural resources and the strengthening of other armed groups.

Landesa Annual Report 2019
Rapports et recherches
janvier 2020

Around the world, land is the foundation of rural life. Perhaps no other asset can equal the transformative power of land to create economic opportunity, boost productivity and food security, and fulfill the promise of fundamental human rights and a life of basic dignity and access to justice.

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décembre 2019

The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification defines ‘land degradation’ as a reduction or loss of the biological and economic productivity resulting from land-use mismanagement, or a combination of processes, such as soil erosion, deterioration of soil properties, and loss of natural vegetation and biodiversity.

Documents de politique et mémoires
décembre 2019

Construcción de la justicia desde la justicia indígena: Experiencias interlegales de Inquisivi
Magali Vienca Copa Pabón[1] / Amy Michelle Kennemore[2]

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décembre 2019

Labor, land, and funds are keys to revitalizing rural areas around the world. Previous studies have focused on the impacts of funds on agricultural production, but placed little emphasis on its role in agricultural land-use transformation. Thus, this study explores the quantitative relationship between agricultural credit and farmland abandonment from the perspective of rural revitalization.

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novembre 2019

Sustainable rural development (with the development of social functions) is currently one of the basic objectives of the rural areas policy in Poland.

Rural & Urbano
Articles et Livres
novembre 2019
Amérique latine et Caraïbes
Amérique du Sud
Este trabalho visa apresentar um relato de experiência acerca da aula de campo vivenciada no  Município de Buíque.  A atividade surgiu a partir da disciplina eletiva  Educação do Campo, componente curricular do Curso de Licenciatura em Pedagogia da Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco (UFRPE).
Publication évaluée par des pairs
octobre 2019

In many African countries and especially in the highlands of Ethiopia—the investigation site of this paper—agricultural land is highly fragmented. Small and scattered parcels impede a necessary increase in agricultural efficiency. Land consolidation is a proper tool to solve inefficiencies in agricultural production, as it enables consolidating plots based on the consent of landholders.

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