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Access to farmland gets quick and dirty in sub-Saharan Africa

Policy Papers & Briefs
Décembre, 2016
Afrique sub-saharienne

Who can access and use the land? The answer to this age-old question is changing fast in many parts of rural Africa. Land that used to be allocated within the community by chiefs is now increasingly changing hands in more diverse ways. The wealthy and well-connected within the community or from further afield are frequently able to override local statutory or customary land rights, dispossessing the previous occupants or forcing them to divide their already small plots of land.

Extension of security of tenure (land) Amendment Bill: stakeholders’ consultative meeting, with Deputy Minister of Labour

Legislation & Policies
Novembre, 2016
Afrique du Sud

SALGA supports the amendments on tenure grants although it proposed that the provision of bulk services for alternative land and the delivery of municipal services should also be included in the tenure grant. SALGA supports the amendments as it affects limitations on evictions and additional rights to occupiers. The amendments on the establishment of a land rights management board and land rights management committees are also supported by SALGA. The submission discussed the challenges of evictions and the impacts of this on municipalities in detail.

Dandara: ocupação rururbana

Reports & Research
Août, 2016

No dia 09 de abril de 2009 a ocupação Dandara surgiu como uma ação coletiva das Brigadas Populares, do Movimento dos Trabalhadores sem Terra (MST) e do Fórum de Moradia do Barreiro, que organizaram junto a um grupo de 150 famílias uma proposta de ocupação rururbana, que articulasse as dimensões da moradia e da agricultura urbana e periurbana.

Dom Luciano Mendes: A luta pela reforma agrária em Salto da Divisa

Reports & Research
Juillet, 2016

O assentamento Dom Luciano Mendes (Minas Gerais) é resultado da luta de famílias sem-terra, organizadas pelo Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra (MST), que ocupam uma fazenda de 1.348,1819 hectares até então considerada terra devoluta, grilada por fazendeiros na cidade de Salto da Divisa. Ele alia a luta pela terra, organização popular, e, também, a dimensão da produção sustentável.

A review of the literature on farmworker housing, access to services and tenure security on and off farms in the Cape Winelands District Municipality

Reports & Research
Juin, 2016
Afrique du Sud

This literature review aims to situate farm labour within the particular history of the development of agriculture in the Cape while providing a critical assessment of the changing approaches to thinking about farm workers and their socio-economic needs by employers and the state. The review aims to provide a knowledge baseline from which to distil key questions to guide an applied process of research and social dialogue in the Cape Winelands District and beyond

Comunidad de Cerro Norte

Reports & Research
Mai, 2016

El barrio de Cerro Norte constituye un territorio para muchos de sus habitantes, geográficamente ubicado en la frontera donde se acaba lo urbano y empieza lo rural, Cerro Norte ha sido un espacio forjado al calor de conflictos y luchas por el acceso a la tierra, a los servicios, al agua y a la soberanía alimentaria.

Participatory and Community-Driven Development in Urban Areas

Avril, 2016

This paper aims to contribute to
learning on community engagement and community driven
development (CDD) in urban areas. Specifically, the review
describes the World Bank’s use of participatory and CDD
approaches in urban areas between 2003 and 2013; identifies
the challenges of using participatory and CDD approaches in
the urban context; assesses lessons from the application of
CDD in urban areas through case studies; and makes

Inclusive Cities and Access to Land, Housing, and Services in Developing Countries

Avril, 2016

Paralleling the increasing disparities
in income and wealth worldwide since the 1980s, cities in
developing countries have witnessed the emergence of a
growing divergence of lifestyles, particularly within the
middle classes, reinforced by the widening gap between the
quality of public and private educational and health care
institutions, spatial segregation, gated communities, and
exclusive semiprivate amenities. This erosion of social

OCUPAÇÃO DO ENGENHO PRADO: Do sonho à conquista de um pedaço de terra

Reports & Research
Mars, 2016

Este estudo de caso trata da experiência da luta pela conquista da Terra, no município deTracunhaém, Zona da Mata Norte do estado de Pernambuco, em pleno Nordeste brasileiro.A ocupação de terra, e posteriormente a conquista, ocorreu em uma Região que predominao monocultivo da cana-de-açúcar. As famílias que ocuparam as terras foram expulsas de suas terras em tempos passados.

Tenure Security Premium in Informal Housing Markets

Janvier, 2016

This paper estimates slum residents
willingness to pay for formalized land tenure in Pune,
India. In so doing, it offers evidence that the legal
assurance of slum residents occupancy of their lands could
benefit them. Previous studies have discussed legal and
non-legal factors that substantially influence the tenure
security of residents in informal settlements. However, it
remains unclear to what extent, and how, the assignment of

The Exposure, Vulnerability, and Ability to Respond of Poor Households to Recurrent Floods in Mumbai

Décembre, 2015

This paper examines poor households in
the city of Mumbai and their exposure, vulnerability, and
ability to respond to recurrent floods. The paper discusses
policy implications for future adaptive capacity,
resilience, and poverty alleviation. The study focuses
particularly on the poor households, which tend to have
greater exposure and vulnerability to floods and limited
ability to respond given the constraints on physical and