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droits d' usage

These are rights to use the land for agriculture, grazing, gathering of forestry products, etc. The right to use land is one of the essential rights of landownership, but may also be the right to use and profit from immovable property as if the user were the owner (usufruct).

Source: FAO Land Tenure Manuals, No.2, FAO, 2006

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Afrique du Sud
Afrique australe

Section 2 defines the land to which the provisions of this Act apply. The provisions of the Subdivision of Agricultural Land Act, 1970 shall not apply to land on which a development is undertaken in terms of this Act. Consent to an occupier (defined in section 3) to reside on or use land shall only be terminated and the occupier evicted in accordance with conditions set out in section 8.

Amérique du Sud

This Decree, composed of 2 articles, establishes the administrative borders of native people’s Mura group, located in Rio Urubu land, in the Municipality of Itacoatiara, Amazones State. This administrative zoning has been promoted by the National Indio Fountation, FUNAI, in compliance with Act No. 6.001 establishing native people Statute.

Asia du sud-est

These Rules have been enacted by the Minister in accordance with section 69 of the Land Acquisition Act 1960 which makes provision in matter of acquisition of land by the State Authority for public purposes and for other purposes relating to the economic development of Malaysia. The First Schedule attached contains the forms of the application for acquisition of land.

Afrique septentrionale

Cette loi fixe le mode d'exploitation des terres agricoles. L'Etat est propriétaire, mais la loi consent aux collectifs agricoles un droit de jouissance cessible et perpétuel des terres. La loi décrit la nature et la composition des collectifs. Les agriculteurs acquièrent tous les droits sur ces terres, à l'exception du droit de propriété. Les collectifs doivent verser une redevance à l'Etat.

Fédération de Russie
Europe orientale

The President, for the purpose of promoting effectual land tenure, decrees that the priorities of purchase of the plots of land (or the shares of them), on which are situated previously privatized edifices, have physical and juridical persons that own these edifices.

Îles Cook

This Act of New Zealand, consisting of 24 Parts and three Schedules, provides for matters of government of the Cook Islands, for various matters of general law of the Cook Islands and for the administration of various matters relating to public and private land.The Act provides for the institution of Island Councils and the High Court of the Cook Islands.

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